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Welcome to Management! 

Now what?

Read on.

I'm here for you.

You're Excited about your recent promotion But you feel like you have no idea what you're doing right now. 

All you have is a parade of past leadership, prominently featuring angry bosses who lead with fear.

You don't want to be like that, but you don't know how to do the job well or where to start.


You've read tons of leadership books, but can't escape the patterns of previous leadership.

You've attended lots of keynotes and seminars, but the patterns continue.


I'm Marly Fuller, and I can help.


We'll cover how to set expectations, how to create a growth mindset, how to give and receive feedback, and even how to handle people who aren't happy about your new position. 


Everything you should have been taught when you were promoted, but most definitely weren't.


I've consulted with corporations regarding communications, strategy, management, and leadership for the past fifteen years. I've also got an MBA, and I'm really good at dealing with those fear-inducing managers.


I provide a confidential space to wrestle with your fears, frustrations, and most deeply-held hopes for your future, and for the future of your company.


As a result of our time together, you'll no longer feel unfocused, imposter-y, or directionless. We'll cover the basics of cultivating and managing a team you absolutely love -- who also gets stuff done. Most people who work with me start to get noticed in the best possible way by upper management, too.

Mary Jane Barrington

​I started seeing results on the first day. I got off my call and immediately started speaking differently and actually listening to my employees' needs. Honestly, I was looking for another job and then Marly helped me work through my daily stress, how I was reacting in situations, and how to manage myself as well as my team. Now I am loving my work, even on the challenging days. 

Lisa Mack

Marly is an angel. I have been avoiding some of these little goals for quite some time because I was not making time for something that was so important. I can't believe we accomplished so much together in so little time and my team has never been so happy.

Patty Kreuger

Marly is so easy to get along with and I felt like I could tell her anything without any judgement. She was able to see clearly where I could focus my energy so that I could be my best. Even my husband saw a change at home and wanted Marly to coach his team at work! 

Let's talk. 


Sam Mendelsohn

I had no idea what on earth I was doing! It was like every day's fire ruled my leadership style. Marly helped me gain control of what was actually in my control and for me that was a game changer. Not to mention my chronic headaches are a thing of the past. 

Amanda Kinsley

My first year with a team of six people was a total disaster. Every day I knew I was going to get fired. Not only did that fear change when I started working with Marly, but I was actually able to talk to my boss about why I was feeling that way too. He wanted me to fire everyone but now he loves our team and brags on them all during our weekly meetings. Thank you! 

Angela Fontaigne

I love the meditation. Of course it's all important and helpful but that is my favorite. It's a special time for me to tap into what is really going on versus the endless chatter in my head and I notice a difference on the days I use the meditations Marly taught me versus days I do not. 

Laura Ragland

The team is doing wonderfully. We are all using the model to check in with each other every week and the guys are lighting up when I remember the items we covered the week before. You were spot on with what the gang needed and they're eager to learn more. Can't wait for your workshop with the other managers at the hospital! 

Lisa Stratton

I never wanted to be in management because I always thought it was like babysitting. Now that I know how to communicate as a leader and understand how to hold people accountable, it is actually kind of fun. 

No really, let's talk. 

Hands down the best investment I have ever made in myself. Management is not what it used to be and Marly makes it so easy to transition into a more modern and mindful way of leading. Thanks for the wake up call! 

- Christina C.

We have management training at the office and it was a total joke. Marly did more for me during our first chat than three months of that program. She helped me define what I wanted for my team and how to set those expectations in a loving way. 

- Olivia B

Don't let another directionless day go by.