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I will never forget my first management position...

Along with a nice promotion and pay bump, suddenly I was in charge of a tenured team of sales people who were difficult, under performing and skating their way to a pay check each week. With no mentor and a barrage of past bosses who had the management style of "perform or get out," I was left with a choice: repeat the same pattern of leading with fear like every boss I had ever had, or try something different to see if I could positively effect my new team and inspire them to grow. 

This was more than a decade ago and we all grew so much through that experience. During my MBA I looked deeper into the management experience and specifically studied how stress effects employees in the workplace. I went on to India for meditation teacher training and made it a personal mission to integrate stress management techniques into my own coaching practice in the workplace. I was so successful with my methods, that I went on to consult all levels of leadership from supervisors, to mid-level management, to senior executives and CEOs. 

What do they ALL have in common? Other than the select few who had mentors show them the ropes, many had simply been promoted through the ranks based on success in their previous role. Eventually when they made it to management, it was expected that because they knew how to do the job they were just promoted from, they certainly would know how to manage a team of people doing that same job. But again and again I found that those supervisors to CEOs experienced the feeling of being lost, unsure of how to proceed with their diverse, inherited teams. The frustrations and inability to connect would lead to outbursts, extreme overwhelm, and discontent with their role. And worse, most were not comfortable saying anything because they feared such a statement would invalidate their capabilities in their position.  

I see an immediate shift with every manager I work with, no matter what level of business they are responsible for. We see results like higher employee engagement, reduced turnover, less absences, and more joy in the workplace. When numbers like these are positively effected, they also start to see higher productivity, improved sales, and increased profits. Everything is effected by leadership!


My clients feel like they can effectively communicate with their employees as well as receive the feedback they need to continue to grow. 

If you are new to management and can relate to these challenges, or maybe have been a manager and are feeling stuck with your teams growth, you are not alone. Of the hundreds of managers I speak with, I hear these stories again and again. I also see an immediate shift again and again when people apply the methods I coach-- they experience relief, confidence, and natural flow to their leadership style

Take the guess work out of how to manage your people and let me be your partner in creating a fuller. more positive experience in your new (or maybe not-so-new) role! Check out my coaching package, workshops, and be sure to sign up for my newsletter to stay up to date on offers, free tips, and future events. 

Chris Escudero 

...in just our first session, having the clarity has been priceless.

Bobbie Burnette

This is just what I needed! Marly could not have come at a better time with our recent merger. I felt like I could finally talk with my team without being so negative.

Kathy Smith

I can't believe I have been a manager for more than 20 years and I never knew about these techniques! Marly is it. She helped me love my job as a director again and my CEO has even asked me to mentor other directors at my company because this stuff really works!